Why luxury consignment will continue to trend upwards

The luxury fashion consignment market is forever trending because fashion, by its nature, is about supporting style and as Coco Chanel knew, “Fashion changes, Style endures”.

Recent trends indicate for many fashionistas retail has become boring against resale, and many don’t know why. Of course, those on the inside do. We do. We know the secret that perplexes many. We know why resale is upwards because we know style seekers are after unique items.

Gone are the days where everyone wanted to go to the same shop and buy the same items; it’s all about classic, vintage or new gorgeous items that suit your style. Your unique style.

At Madam Virtue & Co.  we are lovers of style and the hunt for these unique items. We love being Australia's premier destination for preloved luxury bags, jewellery and accessories. If there’s something you want that we don’t have, let us know and we’ll set our network searching.

While most are aware the world is transitioning to a dynamic sharing economy: we are renting our rooms on AirBnB and sharing our cars with Uber, it’s well time high end luxury fashion consignment joins the trend. Luxury consignment is on the rise and we are not surprised resale is thriving while retail is struggling.

Those with style know what they love, and we love the hunt of acquiring it. Endure your style with sought-after beautiful items at theUpstyler.

SOURCE: http://www.fashiontimes.com/articles/27378/20160809/the-realreal-shares-state-of-luxury-resale-report-reveals-fashion-trends-top-selling-brands.htm



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