Is it for men? Pharrell Williams for Chanel Gabrielle Campaign

Is it for men? Pharrell Williams for Chanel Gabrielle Campaign

Who knew handbags could look so good on men?

Karl Lagerfield knew exactly how good handbags look on men when he chose singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams to appear as the first ever male handbag model.

Williams stars in the video campaign for the Gabrielle bag; named after the brand’s founder and utterly fabulous Gabrielle Chanel (more famously known by her nickname ‘Coco’).

In the video, Pharrell explores an abandoned warehouse, seeking adventure at every turn while wearing the iconic Gabrielle bag. Soon enough Pharrell runs into a young boy (who looks suspiciously like a young Pharrell, no?) who shows him his palm upon which is written in cursive: “Gabrielle”, before the boy disappears, leaving a confused Pharrell in his wake.

The industrial setting is contrasted by the gorgeous bling (yes bling!) around Pharrell’s neck, showing many of the iconic Chanel necklaces we’ve come to love. It’s easy to get distracted by the beautiful neck bling (we predict there’s at least 10).

Rumours at Madam Virtue & Co.  say Karl’s choice to use the famous ‘Happy’ song writer and singer Pharrell quite likely indicates a move towards a more male fashion line by Chanel. We’ll roll with this idea until we’re told otherwise, because we love it.

Whoever wears the Gabrielle bag is donning a gorgeous understated signature piece; yet Pharrell wears it so well.

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