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At Madam Virtue & Co, we take pride in the trust our customers place in our authentication process. When you shop with us, 100% authenticity is guaranteed. We stand firmly behind this commitment, assuring authenticity with a full refund guarantee to ensure your satisfaction and confidence in our products.

While we're not affiliated with the brands we carry, we ensure each item's legitimacy through a meticulous inspection process. Our in-store team conducts a thorough examination of materials and hardware, followed by authentication through our trusted partner, Entrupy.


About Entrupy:

Entrupy employs an objective, scientifically proven approach to certify the authenticity of luxury products. Using artificial intelligence and microscopic imaging, their technology assesses items with unparalleled accuracy. Our partnership with Entrupy ensures the validity of high-value products, benefiting both sellers and buyers.


How it Works:

Entrupy's proprietary device and app scan items, collecting microscopic images for analysis. Machine learning algorithms, trained with millions of images, compare these against known-authentic and counterfeit products. The result is a definitive verification or an "unverified" status.


Our Guarantee:

Shop with confidence, knowing that each purchase meets the highest standards of legitimacy. We prioritise your trust and stand by the authenticity of every item we sell, offering a money-back guarantee if any item proves to be non-authentic.