Although Madam Virtue and Co. are not affiliated with the brands, we take pride in the trust our customers have in our authentication processes. Each Item in our inventory undergoes a thorough, inspection process by our team instore before being further authenticated by our third-party authentication service “Entrupy”. Only items that are supported by our full confidence in legitimacy are purchased and sold at Madam Virtue and Co.
Our authentication process starts with an instore by-hand examination of the product, we assess the quality of the materials and hardware on each individual item to ensure that this item has signs of validity.
After initial examination we start our third-party authentication with our partner Entrupy.

About Entrupy

Entrupy certifies the authenticity of luxury products using an objective, scientifically proven approach to authentication that benefits both sellers and buyers on the validity of frequently counterfeited, high-value items.
How it Works: 

Entrupy uses a combination of artificial intelligence and microscopic imaging to objectively assess the authenticity of an item. When the item is scanned using our proprietary device and app, a set of microscopic images are collected and analyzed by machine learning algorithms trained with millions of microscopic images from known-authentic and known-counterfeit products. Based on the results of this comparison, the Algorithm will either verify the item’s authenticity or return an “unverified” result. 

Madam Virtue & Co. Guarantees 100% Authenticity on all our items.