We Provide Loans

A loan from Hockit.com.au is a fast, secure, simple, and confidential way for you to release the maximum amount of capital in your luxury asset, with the minimum of time and hassle. We will provide loans against diamonds, fine jewellery, fine wines, fine art, watches and luxury brand handbags and accessories.

Step 1 Enquire

Tell us details about the asset you wish to loan against.
You can email us
You can call us on 1300 755 503
You can come to Hockit at 207 Barkly St, St Kilda
Home visits can also be arranged - just call.

Step 2 Appraisal

We will give you an estimate after appraising your item/s. We’ll then agree on the loan price. A contract will be prepared and signed, and we will immediately release the funds in cash or to your bank account.

Step 3 Repayment

Repay your loan plus interest & retrieve your item.

Loans can be paid back at any time throughout the term of the contract. Contracts can be renewed or extended at the end of the contract term., once interest and the original loan amount has been paid in full.

We Provide Loans

When you need extra money for a holiday or a bill, a loan is minutes away! From $500 to $50,000.